CL - Forgot my password

If you use the Community Login option to access Blackboard, your password is the same as your password in the ANCOR registration.  Passwords in Blackboard are updated from ANCOR each business day so if you make a change today, it will not be reflected in Blackboard until the next business day.

First navigate to My Account at: and click Forgot Password.

Enter your Email Address and your ANCOR Username.   This is NOT the same as your Blackboard Community Login Username (see note below).

If you self-registered for your class, you created an ANCOR User Name during registration.  A Forgot Username link is available if you do not remember it.    If your program registered you for your class, your ANCOR User Name is generally your Blackboard Community Login Username without the "ce" in the beginning.  For example, if your Blackboard Username is ceru12345678, your ANCOR User Name is ru12345678.  Your program director can verify this information for you if needed.

You will receive an email with a link to change your password if both the email and user name match the account.  Blackboard is updated each business day so there will be a delay before you can use your new password to login to Blackboard.