Submitting a Video Assignment Using Kaltura

Go to the assignment and click Write Submission.

If you do not see a screen that looks like the image below you will need to expand the toolbar by clicking the double arrows in the upper right corner.

Click on the Mashups button and then click on Kaltura Media.

On the next screen you will see a of list content you previously uploaded. If you have a new file to upload, click on the "+Add New" button. The "+Add New" button also allows you to create new content using your webcam and/or screen.

To upload a video file, Click "Media Upload"

On the next screen you may choose to Drag and Drop your video file or click "Choose a file to upload" to locate and Open the file on your computer.

On the next screen you will be able to change the Title, add a Description, and identify Tags (keywords). Click Save and Embed.

You will see your video in the text box. You can add additional text if you like. Click Submit to complete your assignment submission.

A receipt message with your Submission Confirmation Number will be displayed. You will also receive this information by email for your records.


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